Te Rauparaha Arena (www.terauparaha-arena.co.nz) and Pataka Art +Museum(www.pataka.org.nz) 25 – 28 April 2013

Runway Show

Follow this link to find out the details and entry forms for the Runway Show.

One of the features of the Festival is the Runway Show. 

Two showings will be held on Friday 26 April at Te Rauparaha Arena.  The garments will then be displayed in the spine of Te Rauparaha Arena on Saturday and Sunday.

The Runway Show will have the following categories:
  • Childrens (3yrs – 12yrs) - From cute to colourful, cuddly to creative
  • Blokes - From the classroom to the corporate world
  • Upcycled - Cleverly reconstructed garment (more details to follow)
  • Curvaceous (size 16+) - Designs for the confident, curvy & chic
  • Young contemporary - Design style with a unique edge for the younger generation
  • Everyday - From comfortable to clever, from cultural to career
  • Elegance - Cocktails to celebrations, glamorous to Couture
Further details of entry will be advised.


  1. Have the "further details of entry" been advised? If so, where?

    1. Hi Janette - if you follow this link you will find the details and entry forms http://www.creativefibre.org.nz/cs/Services.asp?type=125